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Enhance the beauty of your home or business with a stylish and up-to-date painting.

Are you looking for building painting services in Westmount, Anjou or another area of Montreal and its surroundings? SAM LE PEINTRE is the professional company to contact for all of your interior or exterior residential or commercial painting needs. Whether it is to paint a house, a duplex, a cottage, a condo, an apartment, a business, a garage or a warehouse, our team will know how to meet your needs. We also offer the services of a decorator to help you choose the right colours. We offer a 3-year limited warranty on our house painting work, which has proven to be very durable.

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We can also do a complete clean-up before starting to paint (if you are moving from or moving to a new home or after a renovation).

Personalized house painting services

Every project is unique. That's why our team offers custom building painting services. We can paint different types of surfaces and coverings, including walls, ceilings, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, countertops, mouldings, doors and more. We also paint exterior siding on homes, apartment buildings and businesses (whether it's drywall, stucco, cement, brick, aggregate, vinyl or metal). We can also do high-rise painting (professional or commercial buildings, tin roofs, etc.).

We use the Benjamin Moore brand of paint, which we believe is the best paint available on the market. Our house painters always apply 2 coats of finish paint to ceilings and walls, and they sand between coats. Depending on the surface, our team can paint with a brush, roller or spray gun. We can also paint faux finish surfaces and give them a completely different look (and even create special effects).

We prepare surfaces with great attention to detail and make minor repairs to holes, cracks and imperfections. We protect floors with covers and furniture with tarps. To paint exterior coverings, we first wash the surfaces with a high-pressure spray gun.

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To have the painting of the interior or exterior of your house, condo, residential building or business done, call the team from SAM LE PEINTRE. Our building painting services are offered in Westmount, Anjou and all areas of Montreal and its surroundings. You can reach us at (514) 817-0341 or by email at You can also get a free quote by filling out our form.

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