Do you want to have your kitchen cabinets painted?

Restyle your kitchen affordably with refacing cabinets!

To have your kitchen cabinets painted in Mont-Royal or another area of Montreal or Laval, do business with SAM LE PEINTRE’S team. Our experienced painters use suitable products that are water-based and nearly odourless and employ proven techniques that transform the appearance of kitchens at a very competitive price.

The quality of our professional services is incomparable! You will get the style you want, the colour of your choice and an extremely durable and long-lasting finish. No need to replace your cabinets at great expense: one resurfacing is enough to transform them according to your taste for only one-third of the cost of a new kitchen.

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Kitchen cabinet painted Montreal

What is a kitchen cabinet painting/refacing service?

Painting and resurfacing cabinets is about changing the look of your kitchen without spending all your savings. We will transform your kitchen cabinets using paint, stain or lacquer adapted to your needs.

No matter the material of your cabinets, we will use the appropriate product: paint, stain or lacquer (matte, satin, semi-gloss or gloss finish). We only use high-end products to ensure the durability of your kitchen cabinets or furniture.

When refacing kitchen cabinets, it's not just the cabinets that are transformed:
The drawers, the built-in furniture, and the island can also be repainted. You can also take advantage of this transformation to change the hardware of your doors and drawers; handles to the day’s taste will give an extra punch to this transformation. We will make new holes and close the old ones, if necessary.

Our team can paint your kitchen cabinets with a suitable product for wood, laminate, melamine, thermoplastic, or other material. Several finishes and colours are available to you, including matte and satin, which are usually known to be challenging to wash. Still, by using the right products, we can ensure the durability and washability of your cabinets.


Want to get a unique design?

Would you like to have a mix of two colours or two finishes? Or have one part of your cabinets painted or stained. We can certainly help you realize this project!

We can help you realize your decorating ideas, including transforming kitchen counters. Our epoxy-coated counters are also very durable and unique! Resurfacing countertops are also very advantageous compared to the price of a new marble, granite, or quartz counter.

This is the fastest option to makeover your kitchen in less than a week.

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Kitchen Refacing Steps

  • We start by numbering and removing the cabinet doors and drawers, then the hardware elements, and bring them to our workshop.
  • We install a paint room and a ventilation system to limit fumes and odours from the products we use as much as possible.
  • We protect and mask all surfaces that are not to be painted.
  • We ensure to clean and degrease all surfaces to be painted with proper cleaning products.
  • We lightly sand the surface of cabinets, drawers, and built-in furniture, then remove the dust.
  • We then apply a suitable primer, let it dry and sand it one more time.
  • Next, it’s time to paint your kitchen cabinets.
  • Then, two coats of paint are applied with a spray gun, and we sand the surfaces between each coat.
  • We install your doors, drawers and hardware when everything is dry.
  • We can also repaint the inside of drawers and cupboards to refresh these surfaces.


Kitchen cabinet painted Mont-Royal

Why should you have your kitchen cabinets painted by Sam LePeintre’s team?

Best price and satisfaction guaranteed
Professional and qualified painter
36 months (3 years) quality/durability warranty
Two free inspections
Personalized advice on the work to be done
On-site consultation with an interior designer (included in the price)
Choice of type of paint according to the surfaces to be painted
High-end paint and stain
Protection of floors, furniture and equipment
Repairing all minor imperfections
Application of latex, caulking, silicone, and filler, if necessary
Two coats of finish paint on all surfaces to be painted
Sanding between coats
Complete cleaning of your environment at the end of the work
$2,000,000 liability insurance

And always with a smile!

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SAM LEPEINTRE’s team will offer you kitchen resurfacing work at advantageous prices.

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