We have been painting experts in Montreal for over 20 years and we seek to obtain your complete satisfaction. SAM LE PEINTRE was born out of a desire to build genuine relationships of trust with our clients. Our team is made up of painting enthusiasts who are proud to serve you and offer you courteous, reliable, and professional service.

Our personal commitment involves the quality of the services offered, listening and advice offered, competitive prices, meeting deadlines and the cleanliness of our projects.

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Why should you choose SAM LE PEINTRE?


  • We offer a turnkey service that makes your life easier
  • We have expertise acquired over the years
  • We advise you on the best materials to use
  • We manage projects from start to finish
  • work in the cleanliness and respect of your property

And… We are nice!

Whatever your needs, we can take care of your residential painting project and offer you our expert advice on the best materials to choose. Did you know that every surface has its favorite type of paint? Choosing the right material is essential to the sustainability of your home renovations. With us, each project is treated with meticulousness. We listen to your needs, and we develop the project piece by piece, tailor-made.

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A little more about SAM LE PEINTRE

A passionate painter who likes to deliver quality work whether for small or large projects. I love working in this field as every day is filled with different projects in different places with different people.

When I started my career as a painter, I quickly realized that my entrepreneurial streak was going to take over. It was therefore after only a few years in the profession that I started working on my own and taking my own painting contracts, in the early 2000s. Since then, I have acquired the qualifications and an extraordinary expertise to perform any type of interior or exterior painting work. I consider myself lucky to be able to develop real relationships with my clients. One of the things I love most about my job is meeting people and taking the time to chat and help them decide on which products and colors to use for their projects.

SAM LE PEINTRE was just a nickname given to me by my clients, so we didn't look any further and so we chose to continue with that name and we created the company


You might be wondering why bulldogs at a paint site, well it’s simple, besides my passion for painting, I am an avid English Bulldog enthusiast and a responsible and ethical breeder. You can find us under the name Pasha Bulldogs.

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